The Villa

Villa Isabella, now named Hotel Laurin, is one of the most well-preserved examples of art nouveau in Italy, and offers a perfect blend of history and contemporary comfort.

The villa was built at the start of the 20th century by the Simonini family, who turned it into their private residence. Majestic and elegant, it has frescoes by Bertolotti and Landi, large wrought iron spirals and refined wooden inlay.



Flavours of the lake in the kitchen.

Let's colour the Flavours of Nature.

Chef Nicola Forti: "We try to be unique in the simplicity of 'doing it well', experimenting day after day... each dish has its own identity that you can get to know by savouring it not only with your palate but with your heart."

Unforgettable holidays on Lake Garda

Book a holiday to Lake Garda and experience the delights of this small pearl in Northern Italy. The staff at Hotel Laurin will be able to advise you and provide information to meet any holiday requirements you may have.

Guests staying at the Hotel Laurin in Salò can also enjoy relaxing moments and increased wellbeing by booking one of our massages, which are only carried out by a professional masseuse. Choose from shiatsu, reflexology, holistic treatments or arrange a private yoga lesson.